NYBC 2021年度限定方巾義賣

NYBC 2021年度限定方巾~開賣囉!

NYBC 2021 Limited Edition Bandanas—On Sale Now!



The TWBF would like to announce that the limited edition New Year Bird Count 2021 bandana's are now on sale, featuring this year's mascot, the Kentish Plover. These shorebirds are commonly seen along coasts, estuaries, and intertidal zones. They often move as a group in zig-zag formations, stopping and starting again as they forage for food along mudflats. If you come across a flock mixed with other shorebirds resting on the beach, don’t forget to get a proper count of how many there are!          

Aside from the commemorative value of the limited edition bandana, it’s quite a useful item to have while enjoying the outdoors. Birder or not, when the weather gets cold, it can serve as a scarf for your head or neck. It can also be handy pocket-size sweat towel. More importantly though, it is a great way to remember how much fun you have with your friends while enjoying birds and nature, especially bird counts. It also makes for a really great wall decoration!

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today! 


● 方巾規格  (Dimensions):60 X 60 cm .

●   材質:100%吸濕排汗、快乾材質,是賞鳥、登山、出遊踏青的好夥伴!採用「杜邦紗」,有 彈性、好綁,不易脫落唷!

Materials: 100% moisture wicking, quick-drying material. Very good for birdwatching, hiking, or any activity in the great outdoors! The fabric is also flexible, easy to tie, and doesn't quickly slip off!

● 售價 :每條250元(郵資另計),單次購買10條以上免運費!

Price: Each bandana is 250NT (can do self pick-up or receive by post, though postage fees apply)
For orders of 10 or more, postage is free!

● 郵資(僅限台澎金馬): 郵寄1~4條36元,5~9條48元,10條以上免運費。國際郵資另計。

Postage fee for Taiwan proper and outlying islands: 1-4=36NT, 5-9=48NT, 10 or more=free postage. For international purchases, extra postage fees may apply.

● 取貨及寄送日期:109年12月2日起。   

 Pick-Up/Delivery Date: After December 2, 2020 

● 付款方式:請於3日內匯款,FB訊息或來信告知匯款後4碼,才能幫您保留方巾喔!
      4. 刷卡:付款選擇信用卡即可連結至刷卡頁面

      Payment Methods:
      1. ATM Transfer: Shin Kong Bank, Account Number: 587-10-0001327 
      2. Post Office Tranfer (Account #12677895) Name: 社團法人中華民國野鳥學會
      3. In person payment: 2F., No. 3, Ln. 50, Tacheng St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan 10343 
      4.Credit Card: Choose credit card option to take you to the appropriate page to finish the purchase


Leaders of NYBC 2021 teams will receive a free bandana!

如有其他問題請來信nybc@birg.otr.tw,或來電:(02)2556-2012#14 王小姐

If you have any questions please contact us at: (02)2556-2012#16, Mr. Scott Pursner
Thank You!