Birds Do Not Know Borders 鳥類的世界沒有國界

By Zdeněk Vermouzek / Director of the Czech Society for Ornithology 【中華飛羽298期】

Birds do not know borders. For centuries they have been the personification of the human desire for freedom – physical and spiritual. The birds flight belongs to the most astonishing phenomena in the nature, birds can, without any apparent effort, cross fences, fields, villages, cities, countries, continents and oceans in one or few days. I'm not acquainted with all the tiny aspects of culture of every single nation around the world, but I'm pretty sure that at least one bird species serves as a messenger of live, spring, abundance and general good news in every corner of our planet Earth. 

We, people, need birds, need their singing, their colours, their elusive flash through leaves or their majestic sail from one horizon to another not only because of their role in ecosystems, for all the ecosystem services they provide, but even directly, for our mental health, our wellbeing. Despite this, still increasing number of species is endangered by chemical agriculture, deforestation, construction works, overfishing, change of the climate and generally by human expansiveness. We, the conservationists from around the world, need to quieten our egos, overcome any barriers, unify our effort and do our best to maintain all the bird species on the planet Earth – from Mikado pheasant on Taiwan to the Aquatic warbler in Europe. And we shall do it where necessary, regardless of the political borders, directed only by the scientific knowledge and the best practice approaches. We have only one planet and we need to act together earlier than any next species disappear forever. 

It is fantastic to know that somewhere 9,000 km away live people attempting for similar things, that the network of conservationists is there and we work for birds together. My best greetings you, to all the fantastic TWBF people!

文 / 捷克鳥類學會執行長-茲德涅克 • 維赫莫札克 (Zdeněk Vermouzek)  翻譯 / 李翊僑